Goddess Desired

I admit it. I have a fascination with internet insanity. Particularly insanity that masquerades as sanity: those people who function in the real world, but are passionately convinced of the legitimacy of their own private reality.

Take this guy for instance:

Smart, Sexy, Spiritual Goddess Desired for Awesome Relationship with Extraordinary Man.

One Gentleman’s Quest to Find His Goddess.

He’s on the brink of being a multi-millionaire, and he’s just looking for a woman to share it with. Well, not just any woman. The perfect woman. So extensive is his list of qualifications that his site requires a Table of Contents to summarize it all.

Of the many, many (many, many, many) images of our goddess-seeking gallant, wise, romantic, flamboyant, sexy. creative, well educated renaissance man, I think this is my favourite:


A little googling of the copyright holder, The Angelic Realm of Intellectual Substance, leads to this page – AngelBase – home of the technology that  “is going to redefine the entire $720 billion computing industry.” Looks like they’re a few years behind schedule, but with artwork like that, how can they not succeed?

A little more googling reveals the fascinating fact that our hero Mark once sued the Church of Scientology.

There is no doubt about it; he is indeed an extraordinary man.


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