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Michael Jackson is Alive!!!!

This was inevitable:

Michael Jackson is Alive !!!!  The man who died June 25 looked like him, spoke like him and in fact doubled for him many times when Michael did not want to be  seen.  But it was not Michael.  Michael is alive and well and happier than ever.  The plot was 10 years in the making but it had to be done.  Michael could not go on hampered with past debt , law suits , contracts etc.  The Buisness Entity known as Michael Jackson had to die. to free Michael the artist to go on living.

Michael Jackson Sightings dot com


Gang Stalking

Are you being followed? Is your electronic communication being monitored? Do strangers on the street use covert hand signals, like touching their hair? Have your family members been braintapped, and are now receiving remote wireless instructions to harass and isolate you? Are you the victim of suspicious weather events? Are you constipated? Have you been given a bogus diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia?

You are not alone! You are very likely the victim of gang stalking, a vast local and international conspiracy of domestic terrorism, funded by the illicit drug trade, crime syndicates and criminals working in corporate environments. You may even be the unwilling participant in a government-sponsored military weapons research project, linked to teaching and research hospitals.

Thanks the to the wonders of the internet, you can now share your story with other victims of gang stalking. United we stand, divided we fall (I think I heard that somewhere)!

If you are a “TI” (targeted individual), you might want to start with this very well-written, even scholarly, website:

Multistalker Victims dot org

A gentleman named Mark Rich is quite prominant in the anti-Gang Stalking world. On his website, The Hidden Evil, Mark describes a variety of persecution techniques, including basic mobbing, framing for rape and hate crimes, staged events, crowding on city streets, recruitment of family and co-workers, brain tapping, mind reading, microwave hearing, artificial storms, government conspiracy, and satanic attacks. Mark has also written an exhaustively-researched two-volume, four-part book detailing the entire phenomenon.

Like many other TIs, Mark has been the victim of physical attacks, too:

It was also around this time period, or maybe a few days or a week later that I noticed my bowels weren’t working properly. When I first noticed it, it seemed like I had to go, but the muscles were restricting the movement. It was around Tuesday April 14 that I realized it wasn’t working at all. It seemed as if it just shut down. There was no activity which indicated it was functioning. Around this time, I began to suspect that they were somehow causing this, either electronically, chemically, or some other method. But I gave it more time because there was still some movement. However, as the days went on, I realized that my bowels had indeed been seemingly shutdown.

I’m certain that the Department of Defense has caused not just the bowel problem, but also the accompanying conditions, such as the chronic abdominal pains, nausea & fatigue attacks.

High-tech weapons, run by the secret government, are also an important facet of Gang Stalking, and worthy of their on website: Ultra-Sonics: America’s Secret Police.

If you’re still not sure what this is all about, have a boo at some of the stalking videos on YouTube. I particularly like the following one, with editing and audio commentary:

There is hope, however. The investigative journalism team at The Onion News Network convened a panel of experts who agree that our health care system can do more to help victims: