Gang Stalking

Are you being followed? Is your electronic communication being monitored? Do strangers on the street use covert hand signals, like touching their hair? Have your family members been braintapped, and are now receiving remote wireless instructions to harass and isolate you? Are you the victim of suspicious weather events? Are you constipated? Have you been given a bogus diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia?

You are not alone! You are very likely the victim of gang stalking, a vast local and international conspiracy of domestic terrorism, funded by the illicit drug trade, crime syndicates and criminals working in corporate environments. You may even be the unwilling participant in a government-sponsored military weapons research project, linked to teaching and research hospitals.

Thanks the to the wonders of the internet, you can now share your story with other victims of gang stalking. United we stand, divided we fall (I think I heard that somewhere)!

If you are a “TI” (targeted individual), you might want to start with this very well-written, even scholarly, website:

Multistalker Victims dot org

A gentleman named Mark Rich is quite prominant in the anti-Gang Stalking world. On his website, The Hidden Evil, Mark describes a variety of persecution techniques, including basic mobbing, framing for rape and hate crimes, staged events, crowding on city streets, recruitment of family and co-workers, brain tapping, mind reading, microwave hearing, artificial storms, government conspiracy, and satanic attacks. Mark has also written an exhaustively-researched two-volume, four-part book detailing the entire phenomenon.

Like many other TIs, Mark has been the victim of physical attacks, too:

It was also around this time period, or maybe a few days or a week later that I noticed my bowels weren’t working properly. When I first noticed it, it seemed like I had to go, but the muscles were restricting the movement. It was around Tuesday April 14 that I realized it wasn’t working at all. It seemed as if it just shut down. There was no activity which indicated it was functioning. Around this time, I began to suspect that they were somehow causing this, either electronically, chemically, or some other method. But I gave it more time because there was still some movement. However, as the days went on, I realized that my bowels had indeed been seemingly shutdown.

I’m certain that the Department of Defense has caused not just the bowel problem, but also the accompanying conditions, such as the chronic abdominal pains, nausea & fatigue attacks.

High-tech weapons, run by the secret government, are also an important facet of Gang Stalking, and worthy of their on website: Ultra-Sonics: America’s Secret Police.

If you’re still not sure what this is all about, have a boo at some of the stalking videos on YouTube. I particularly like the following one, with editing and audio commentary:

There is hope, however. The investigative journalism team at The Onion News Network convened a panel of experts who agree that our health care system can do more to help victims:


5 responses to “Gang Stalking

  1. You’re not a real gangstalking site. Perpetrators can’t read your thoughts, make you constipated, or influence the weather. Bull-crap, this is disinformation!
    Gangstalking is real though.
    This editor is a perpetrator!

    • what you just thought of what the author just wrote to be a crock is full of crap, why because this shit that is stalking me had me constipated for 10 frikin days, i had to give my self an annama other wise my intestines would have exploded, this filth had it appear like there were spirts around,this shit gang raped, sexally assaulted, abused, mentally, phyisically, emotionally, abused me, this corrupt filth pulled itself to sexaul assault, had sex to sexaul assault, got off on the made up shit that goes through a fithy corrupt mindcontroller eyeball pediphile psychopaths sociopaths babyfucking gross french white filths head. this shit gets you to appear mental with some sort of disorders, whereas i’ m as normal as the next average person, this french white filthy corrupt block watch filth from 10919-141st Surrey BC is the filthiest criminals in the world this shit find all this fun, because some fat foureyed geeky looking gross filthy whore thought someone loved it and wanted to marry its gross sloppy whore of an ass, gross hey!!!!! whereas in reality this filthy peice of shit was just some mans dial- a – whore!!!!!!!!! hahahaha alot of permicuios mens dial- a – whore!!!! ( katie, Jaquie, Tia, Katelynn, ) criminals with technology!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Friend,
    The police are being confused in many cases. In some cases the police are infiltrators, and others are being told that the gang stalking is run by our government which is part of the disinformation campaign that is being sent out all over The Internet, etc. to divert the blame to the nebulous “Government” so that those in authority will be unsure of what to do, because they do not want to go against the “Government” for obvious reasons.
    I have been gang stalked for many years, and my e-mail program is bombarded with e-mails by people who claim to be targeted individuals, but they are in reality perpetrators. They all say the same thing, and blame the gang stalking completely on the government at large, and they are causing the confusion among the people.
    These disinformation spreaders say that gang stalking is totally due to 9/11 and the Patriot Act and the other laws that have been taking away our Constitutional Rights and our Bill of Rights, and they also accuse the rogue/shadow, underground gov. with the actual government of America.
    These people are against America, our Constitution, and our people, and so by tearing down our Government and blaming gang stalking on the American Gov.; they are killing three birds with one stone.
    1.) They are destroying the peoples’ confidence in our American Gov.
    2.) They are diverting the blame of gang stalking from themselves (perpetrators) by placing the blame on the nebulous category of the American Gov.
    3.) They are also bringing confusion upon the real Government workers as to what is really going on with the gang stalking.
    Gang stalking was alive and thriving all over America and many other countries long before 9/11 and the Patriot Act, etc. Many in the underground rogue/shadow government have been guilty of many atrocities toward the people of America, etc.,but they were their illegal deeds covertly.
    These new laws were totally unnecessary, and I’m sure they will be removed from the books in the future. Terrorism was here in America and all over the world for decades before The Patriot Act and the other terrorism laws and rules were initiated.
    I am no fan of our most recent governmental officials either. However, to blame gang stalking on 9/11 and the Patriot Act is ludicrous and an attempt to divert the blame from the real culprits.
    The real criminals are those subversives who have infiltrated every area of our society with perpetrators and enemies of the American people.
    These traitors to our nation and our people are swarming all over our cities and our suburbs. They infiltrate; not only our Government, but our institutions of every type, our churches and our neighborhoods.
    They have been trained covertly by treasonous infiltrators over many years. The money that fuels these enemies within our borders comes from illegal trafficking of every type, misappropriation of many types of funding, etc. In order to get the gang stalkers to do what they do; they are often bribed, blackmailed, threatened, and mostly; they are people who are out of work, and who have nothing better to do with their lives. The ones in my area are members of occult groups, and they seem to be totally sadistic. They are extremely arrogant, presumptive, and they have delusions of grandeur concerning their futures.
    Many are malcontents and losers in our society and so they love to torture innocent people who have become successful in their lives because of the grace of God upon them.
    The gang stalking in itself is a lucrative racket for a few very greedy reprobates who are put in control of the gang stalkers’ activities as a criminal type of community manager, trainer or coordinator. It is a business of the most insidious nature, as it is targeting the most productive, loyal, moral and talented members of the American and Christian societies.
    Gang stalking was proliferating in America long before 9/11, and it is a form of terrorism in itself. The training is perpetrated through rogue groups that get their training materials from the most tyrannical and draconian systems ever devised by man.
    Gang stalking is completely Satanic, anti-American and anti-Christ, and that is why the most devout Christians and the most productive Americans have been targeted for destruction.
    The attack on our Government, our people and our heritage is coming from subversive traitors to our country, and they should either be deported or tried for treason. Their goal is anarchy, lawlessness and revolution. They want to undermine and destroy one of the greatest countries of all time.
    They not only want to destroy what made America great, but they want to take it over and control it completely.
    Wake up people! You are being brain washed by many people using the various media outlets as their propaganda field. They put out complete lies, as if they were factual.
    They manipulate everything on TV, The Internet, the movies and newspapers to reflect their own selfish agenda and personal ambitions.
    Our beloved America is not finished, as it only took a few good men to overcome the tyranny of Britain in the beginning, and it will only take a few good men and women to overcome the impending attempt to subjugate the American people and take away our freedoms.
    The most powerful weapon we have as a Christian nation is our prayers to almighty God. We need to repent of allowing this country to get in the deplorable condition that it is in at the present time due to murder, hatred, cruelty and every abominable sin imaginable.
    Dear Father,
    Please bring our people to repentance. May we all be humbling ourselves, praying to You, turning from our sins and seeking Your perfect will and face.
    Then You will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and You will heal our land.
    Praise the awesome, all powerful Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.
    May our nation turn back to You Lord Jesus and righteousness and may our nation again become a beacon of light to the world for The King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. In His Name and all for His glory.
    Amen and amen.
    The truth is being revealed, and people are waking up. Good men are standing up for their country. Christians are turning to the living God to bring law and order back to America.
    While I was living in South Korea for thirteen years; we had a rogue President that came in fraudulently (illegal voting machine tampering). After the people realized the truth; the pastors with their congregations all gathered at our city hall area in Seoul, and prayed to almighty God, and now South Korea has a wonderful, Christian President. God always answers the prayers of His beloved people who are praying according to His will and with a pure heart.
    Instead of trying to demean our country; let’s light a candle of prayer “for” our land.
    Thank you for listening.
    May The good Lord continue to bless and keep you in His loving arms both today and always.
    In His love and for His glory,
    Peggy K

  3. Dear Friend,
    My prayer for you. May you be protected, healed, delivered and may you have a new beginning in Jesus’ Name.
    If the Christians would pray the below prayers; God can expose, stop and prosecute these crimes against the innocent.

    The new crime areas are our own neighborhoods, and local areas that have covert activities going on covertly. These areas are being used to make money, corrupt the people and to destroy our country and our people.
    There are pedophile rings and porn production going on all over our local areas in the homes, the businesses and the buildings. It is all done completely hidden. Crimes include: pedophile rings, human trafficking, kiddy porn production, kiddy snuff films, meth labs, id theft, gang stalking and the list can go on and on.
    These criminals and their handlers use any space that they can control. They love to use areas that seem very normal, and they can have profitable rackets going on (even in the attics, etc.).
    It is all done very secretly and it is very evil because innocent children, adults and animals are used in the most unspeakable ways.

    Dear Father,
    Please expose all of the evil deeds of darkness in our area, our country and even all over the world.
    Please destroy these works of satan, and set these captives free from their greed, sexual addictions and sadism.
    Please protect, heal and deliver the innocent, babies, children, and adults that are captive. Please protect all of the innocent blood from this evil (even the animals that are used).
    Please bring justice for all, and please bring an end to this evil in our area, our country and the world.
    Please bring everything that is being hidden, covered up and white washed out in the open, and please set all of the captives free (both the perpetrators and the victims) in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen and amen.

    The church must use the power of prayer and their authority today and before it is too late.
    As we pray the Scriptures and the will and the Word of God; He will hear from heaven, and He will bring His Kingdom into our midst and on this earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah!

    Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday, B.A., M.ED. Peggy has been the managing editor for “Church Growth International” since 1991. “Church Growth International” is the English outreach of the famous Yoido Full Gospel Church headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

  4. Dear Friend,
    The perpetrator’s handlers want gang stalkers who can be used like automatons/puppets and that will do anything without even questioning it, and who do not have any moral compass whatsoever. Mindless robots are needed to do the racket of gang staking, and the other similar rackets.
    This cult/coven group here on my street even uses their own children and the neighborhood children to gang stalk me, and to lie, cheat and steal from me.
    However, the mind control they are under is “all” erroneous. Satan has great and lofty plans for the world, but in the end; they will all be burned up and rendered powerless.
    It is very sad because all their hard work to lie, cheat, steal, kill and destroy will be futile.
    My prayer for those targeted individuals that are suffering from the direct energy weapons and constant harassment:
    Dear Heavenly Father,
    You know everything that is going on, and You “will” bring justice, judgement and vengeance for all of the innocent people who are being persecuted for righteousness sake.
    Please protect, heal, deliver and bring restitution for all that the TI’s have lost in time, money, property, health, time, and anything else that these gang stalkers have done against these wonderful people who are being targeted.
    Please give all of us the love, joy, peace, faith and hope that we need to have the total victory. Please renew our minds, and heal, renew, restore and resurrect every cell in our bodies.
    Please bring the TI’s together in love, unity, prayer, and in communities where we will have a refuge from the evil of the anti-Christ system.
    I know that Regent Park is meant to be a place of refuge for those under attack, and I claim this territory for this purpose. Please send godly men and women here that will purchase this property and use it for the right purpose which is to be a community for people seeking a life of peace, harmony and a decent place to live without the rackets of: gang stalking, pedophile rings, porn production, human trafficking, etc.
    Please expose all of these evil deeds of darkness, and please destroy all of these evil works in our area and all over the USA and the world in Jesus’ Name.
    Please bring these perpetrators and their handlers to justice and prosecution in behalf of all the innocent people that have been attacked. Hopefully, these criminals will learn the truth, and they will turn to the living God and repent in Jesus’ Name.
    Amen, amen and amen.
    Peggy K
    [personal contact information redacted]

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