Michael Jackson is Alive!!!!

This was inevitable:

Michael Jackson is Alive !!!!  The man who died June 25 looked like him, spoke like him and in fact doubled for him many times when Michael did not want to be  seen.  But it was not Michael.  Michael is alive and well and happier than ever.  The plot was 10 years in the making but it had to be done.  Michael could not go on hampered with past debt , law suits , contracts etc.  The Buisness Entity known as Michael Jackson had to die. to free Michael the artist to go on living.

Michael Jackson Sightings dot com


3 responses to “Michael Jackson is Alive!!!!

  1. I hope so

  2. I really hope this is real! Michael deserves to have a HAPPY LIFE with his children. No one is more deserving of this than Michael. MICHAEL, FROM THE ABYSS OF MY HEART & SOUL I WISH YOU LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS FOR YOU & YOUR CHILDREN. LOVE YOU MORE & HOPE TO MEET YOU ONE DAY!!GOD BLESS YOU!!

  3. You are righy

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