David J. Stewart: Psychiatry is evil!

David J. Stewart’s website Jesus Is Saviour.com is a veritable Pandora’s jar of bedlamy. There’s enough material there for hundreds of visits, so we’ll just start today with the front page.

Not surprisingly, the page is rife with fundamentalist religious imprecations:

  • “Evilution” is a hoax from the devil
  • Satan in the Vatican, and the Pope is the Vicar of Hell.
  • Catholic priests are whoremongers.
  • All Bibles but the King James 1611 version are corrupt, heretical and demonic.
  • All religions are false.

Stewart doesn’t restrict himself to religious conspiracy theories, though. There’s  a little something for everyone:

  • Wake Up America! 9/11 was an inside job.
  • The USA is a police state that wants to steal your children.
  • The CIA = Cocaine Import Agency
  • Vaccinations are killing America’s children.
  • Nuclear disaster is imminent. Mankind is destined for total destruction.
  • The New World Order is here.
  • The One World Government controls the media, and wants to take away our rights and property.
  • Abortion is the American Holocaust.
  • Terry Schiavo was murdered.
  • Homosexuals target children.
  • Harry Potter is evil.
  • Feminism is evil.
  • Public schools are evil.
  • Music is evil.
  • Government is evil.
  • Beer (of course) is evil.

Buried in amongst the technicolour text and horrific photoshop images, is a most telling entreaty:

  • Say ‘NO’ to Psychiatry!


4 responses to “David J. Stewart: Psychiatry is evil!

  1. Poor D.J. Stewart. He has a lot of problems. I think he needs a psychiatrist.

  2. Harry reyhing

    David j stewart is a self righteous,judgemental liar and slanderer against God and true christians everywhere.A typical lie is that catholics worship Mary.That is an absolute lie.In fact it would be a sin to worship Mary.We honor her as Luke one calls us to do.Stewart lies that the Rosary is all about Mary.He doesnt even know that the entire rosary is based on mediations of the birth,life death and resurrection of jesus.As far as the hail Marys they are verbatim from luke one.The rosary has over the centuries brought millions of atheists freemasons muslims and pagans to Jesus.For Stewart to say this is of satan means he has perhaps blasphemed the Holy Spirit.He is the worst representative of christianity that I can imagine.

  3. This David J Stewart person has no right to judge others, He also criticized Lifetime’s DanceMoms, sure the show looks dramatic of course, but its just for TV ratings.

  4. To the one who wrote the article:
    In most points, I agree with you about Stewart and his false teachings. But, you are erroneous in two things:
    1) All religions are false, except Christianity. Islam, Wicca, Judaism, Buddhism are false religions worshipped by idolators. Yet, Stewart is absolutely wrong in condemning all Christian denominations.
    2) Abortion is murder. In fact, it is the only thing where I agree with Stewart. Please reconsider my points.
    Your obedient servant.

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