Saving the world from atheists, fags, and fossil fuels

Suleiman Sami Azar has single-handedly solved the global energy crisis. Now, if only he could get the world to listen to him.

It’s certainly not for lack of trying. Solomon, or Noblefuse as he likes to be known, has

It’s entirely possible that Sami’s model of lightening-powered Nuclear Fusion, using a Tesla coil and heavy water, is just the thing to cure the world of its dependence on fossil fuels (to be honest, it all goes way over my head).

Mr. Azar feels that people don’t listen to him because he is a “sandnigger” of Syrian origin. I strongly suspect, however, that part of the problem is that he sometimes struggles to express himself:

no wonder global economy dead and verge of global war against Iran Russia whatever for new bounty- OIL- assets as in times before- let us see if a 21st century any better than times past to uncover solution proposed FREELY by their brothers keeper- I don’t think so- I think global collapse is GOOD- divorce rates down now as they cant afford it-yet when times are good- so what even if we have children- now they mutter greed is no good- so on and so forth shall the cousin of the monkey creature known as man walk one step closer to being a child of god- surely – more pain and suffering comes first to balance mans behavior with atheism documented in 20th century- as always- everything meant to be- what goes around come around- always have- always will- WHY- we are an infinite entity bound in this body as we play the game of life- HOW long does it take for infinity to cultivate the monkey body- enquiring minds of the universe want to know;)

Suleiman also holds some rather unconventional views. He believes that he is a messenger of God, and has written to the Sanhedrin of Israel to let them know that he is the 13th Apostle, otherwise known as the Jewish Messiah (I’m not sure where he found that email address, considering that the Sanhedrin last made an official ruling in the year 358).

As the messiah, he proposes to classify homosexuals and atheists and “retarded people”, and has published a 372-page book with the concise and engaging title of Disgruntled homosexuals invent Atheism: If you are a heterosexual atheist You were brainwashed by the homosexuals as all humans are a simple gullible creature until Truth found.

In energycrisis13’s direct video message to President Obama, he presents quite a cogent explanation of his new technology (despite the fact that the last 1:45 of the video show a sparkly glass box). Unfortunately, the message is entirely undermined by  his latest video, Atheists nothing more than disgruntled homosexuals to attack church.

[potty mouth warning]


4 responses to “Saving the world from atheists, fags, and fossil fuels

  1. Hello David,

    I informally met you at the Ritz club in New York City on June 9 1982. I went with my friend Mick Zangl. You were with your friend Mick Jagger and the band playing at the Ritz were the Professionals. You and Mick caused quite a distraction with your presence at the balcony level. I decided to come up to the balcony level and catch a glance of you and Mick. There was a crowd of many people around you and Mick, amazing how excited some people get when in the midst of stars. You guys were trying to have a good time, but the crowd was intense. I simply stood on the outskirts of the fans of at least several people thick, I caught my glimpse of the two big stars and I was happy, I was about to leave as my eyes were looking away, you pushed your way through the crowd and tapped me on the shoulder. You looked me straight in the eye and said “Princeton……right” in a confident way. Well, I never been to Princeton university and immediately I figured you have me mixed up with someone else, so I was speechless as I didn’t know what to tell you. So you said it again “Princeton”. I don’t know why I said “yes”, but I did, I guess to make you feel happy that your memory was correct and I was simply some student or someone from Princeton that you met in your many travels. When I said yes to you, you seemed very happy and nodded to yourself and made your way back to the table where Mick was sitting. I always remembered this moment as it was the only time in my young life at that time and still is when a major celebrity made contact with me, even though he thought I was someone else. It was memorable to me.

    Well, I went about my life with no connection to Princeton University until the year 2003. All my life my pursuits were of science. Since I was a teenager I said to myself I was going to control gravity with some kind of machine I would build. Well, after many years of trial and error with various machines I had to stop as it was taking a major toll on my health and financial state. The great majority of my work is built upon the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. I decided to go to Princeton University just to walk the halls in which my favorite scientist had taught in his life here in America. It was a personal connection for me and It felt good just to visit his old classroom and visited his teacher office. I had no intention whatsoever in what followed as my only purpose was to visit the school where Einstein had taught. I got this crazy idea that I would write all my ideas on the blackboard in his old classroom in which he taught. Like a “mad scientist” I wrote all my ideas on the entire width of the blackboard, from one side of the room to the other I wrote my attempt at unifying physics, something Einstein tried to do along with many physicists, a goal in physics in which has not been done to this day. I titled the writings” Einstein did unify physics” as I believed I have uncovered some things not known in his time. It was my way of closing this chapter of my life or at least taking a break from gravity for awhile.

    That is my Princeton story. In the course of my investigations on gravity, I discovered a way to attempt nuclear fusion. What this means is that the energy crisis will be eliminated with an unlimited and clean source of fuel for our children and all eternity. The fuel in my system is WATER. Hydrogen and oxygen. If that sounds amazing to you, tell me what in this universe is not amazing. To continue, I recently seen a movie called the Prestige. I was told that it was YOU who played the part of Nikola Tesla.

    Well my friend, my name is Sam Azar and I have discovered the greatest invention since the caveman used two sticks to make fire. “Not two sticks, but two electrodes”. An unlimited and clean fuel for mankind to advance into the 21st century. I conducted my first real experiment on Palm Sunday this past April. In a nut shell, I have demonstrated the power of a lightning bolt to resonate inside Water itself. The driving force in my system is Nikola Tesla’s Induction COIL! INVENTED BY NIKOLA TESLA HIMSELF OVER 100 YEARS AGO.

    If you believe this is more than coincidence, then please come to my aid. I need you in helping me expose this idea for humanity. Specifically, in order to prove me right, it is my focus to convince the Westinghouse Corporation ( leading supplier of all nuclear power plants) to remove their fission rod assemblies and install my electrode system and conduct a safe and clean FUSION process with WATER itself. I have always walked in the light with a strong belief in God. The time has come to give energy to all of civilization. This is exactly what Nikola Tesla tried doing to his last day on Earth. I have completed that mission. The Tesla coil has now found a noble place of use


    Sam Azar

    May 22 2007Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Ground control to Major Tom Jerome Newton- have you found energy yet—-yes— WATER–!!!

    Read more:

    (I reply to my own saga as the atheists homosexuals merely seek the shit of another mans ass=repent fagot and turn the other cheek )

  2. Suleiman Azar

    2012 check in. my christian family in homs syria driven out.americans refer to me as the sandnigger. messiah with gift in hand to barking biting image of god.DOG

  3. I have found the truth of LOVE
    by Suleiman Sami Azar on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 10:08am
    Love means discipline

    first a definition of discipline from wiki=”In its most general sense, discipline refers to systematic instruction given to a disciple. To discipline thus means to instruct a person to follow a particular code of conduct “order.” Usually, the phrase ‘to discipline’ carries a negative connotation. This is because enforcement of order – that is, ensuring instructions are carried out – is oft “Discipline is the instant willingness and obedience to all orders, respect for authority, self reliance and teamwork. The ability to do the right thing even when no one is watching or suffer the consequences of guilt which produces pain in our bodies, through pain comes discipline.” –United States Marine Corps”

    A weak military and America is no longer a leader in competing ideals. so now the baby boom children born into television and media only recently invented on monkey planet has somehow defined Love as a sexual adventure by the free love hippies and other sexual deviants. Somewhere along the way a guided nation of biblical roots gone astray with teachings- maybe drugs and loud music distorted brain for many yet at this juncture a question is posed, “can a retard repent?”. Godless souls and weak of faith pagan people are our neighbors growing up. each and every DAY and opportunity to witness first hand how improper teachings can not only affect them but YOU yourself and so it has been this recorded era for documentation process on monkey this era the “new age sodom and gomorah”.

    LOVE means discipline to adhere to biblical teachings-why bible- if America is understood as world leader this 20th century- would not bible be a leading indicator of values which might have lead the people towards such? SEX is by far an easy tool to manipulate an untamed dog. for example, without training or taming for the human dog the animal will run astray of its own liking and pleasures, why not emotions feel good at first, however Let us now examine the adventures of this sexual driven weak of faith society we call America; parent-less children born out of wedlock- fathers without knowledge their children they support are theirs- homosexuality expansion and thus no family opportunity dying alone without heirs-dog eat dog behavior amongst citizens increase as brotherly love decreases. Thus, by means of Gods design to now record and document in real time this new age of sodom and gomorah the living citizens may analyze themselves the situation we are all in and draw conclusions.


    or die and survivors figure it out in blood

    also-= bible-torah and koran is same book for monkey people- read in between the lines , however can a retard truly read and comprehend. now you see why i am deleted often on the net- repent sodomite

  4. thank you for your prior interests, i did try to provoke humanity to verify my messenger deeds, both in science of energy and mandog ways, somewhat anxious,excited,frantic,many human emotions at hand, lately past years i use patience and watch the hand that tames. this is the story of the untamed dog, myself included no doubt as i type this with cousin of monkey fingers.

    god bless us

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