Livia Bistriceanu and the perils of virtual celebrity marriage

Being a virtual celebrity wife is hard. The tabloids are always full of stories about  two-timing stars, like Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Bar Refaeli. Sometimes a lady has to resort to posting comments on public message boards, just to defend her marriage. Witness this post by Livia Bistriceanu:

I am Leo’s wife and he can’t marry somebody else anymore. It’s good it’s not true they are together. He is supposed to be with me not with somebody else. He doesn’t wanna take me home. I have money with him and he’s spending it with sh… like that bi… Bar. I write to you to help me stop him doing this to me. He wanted what? Why you don’t know about me?

Like everyone else these days, the virtual Mrs. DiCaprio, nee Bistriceanu, used her facebook page (which has  evaporated into the ether) to vent about her relationship woes. It seems that Leo has also been neglecting his legitimate virtual love child, Jesus:

He is my husband and he can’t have other one in my religion. Check on that sh.t back. It’s written from GOD so they know who’s the wife for real not that sh.t. I can’t do anything about what he wants to be a sh.t with that sh.t or a King in Heaven with me as the mother of JESUS your KING. …HE has to get born second time and Leo is not being resposible for his own duties as a father as my husband. He’s out of his mind wanting that sh.t that is piing and sh.tting on bed. Believe that’s how it is. He wants in sh.t

But this isn’t just your regular story about a celebrity, his wife, their scandalous bedroom habits, and their child of God. It’s a love triangle! You see, before she was virtually married to Leo, Livia was virtually married to Jon Bon Jovi. He done her wrong, but she still likes to remind him of what he’s lost, via facebook:

I have the Bed of Roses in Heaven but you can’t have it with me anymore cause you didn’t want to have what you were dreaming about. No more anymore never. Your exwife in 2008. I am not anymore Never. Never with me

I don’t blame DiCaprio for getting that restraining order, because personally, I suspect that Livia was cheating on him with Brad Pitt. She sounds awfully jealous of Angelina and her rockin’ wardrobe:

She never rocks She just wants to be my monkey about rock She never knew that and she better don’t. She’s pi onherself now because of this so Brad wants her not anymore cause she stinks about what she wants to be now 
You stink you wanna be like me

With a neglectful father, and a mother who’s been placed on a psychological hold, poor little Jesus is alone in this virtual world. Maybe Angelina and Brad will adopt him.


3 responses to “Livia Bistriceanu and the perils of virtual celebrity marriage

  1. Oh, well, if a temporary restraining order has been issued against that poor schizophrenic women, then the problem is solved. I’m sure she’ll understand the gravity of her actions and behave properly from now on.
    The woman is sick!! she needs to be in a hospital, under medical treatment. She is just a victim herself and the restraining order is simply ridiculous.

  2. The woman is sick!! she needs to be in a hospital, under medical treatment. She is just a victim herself and the restraining order is simply ridiculous !!!

  3. Quote: He states in his court filing that she is: ‘sending me unwanted and unsolicited letters in which she expressed delusional thoughts and irrational feelings, calling and showing up at business I am associated with and, most recently, locating and travelling to my private residence.’
    At his house, she acted ‘aggressively’ and was ‘yelling and screaming’. : For people (most of the world), who throw around the term Schizophrena, without knowing what it means. Stalker, Schizophrena and Selfie are the three most abused words of this decade, I swear. What makes you think any of her comments on Brad Pitt or anyone are/were at all serious?

    She did not hear voices (auditory hallucinations). She has a social life. I wouldn’t doubt that she’s had several jobs. Her parents live in Chicago.

    There are such things as mail-order brides, getting married online isn’t an impossibility; thus. Virtual marriage may sound ridiculous to most. But Leo and Livia were in touch online and no court has gone onto state that they are not ‘virtually’ married. Leo being the ass (Aretha Wilson) that he is, probably complained about his girlfriend to Livia in chatrooms or whereever else on the internet.

    The restraining order is a direct result of the fact that people who are asses get whooped. Levia knows where Leo lives (A private address which he naturally gave to her, did he take her home to fuck her, did she have a fit about that?) attended the same parties in L.A and threatened to hurt him if he didn’t go public with their marriage. Leonardo di Caprio has been violently attacked by a woman he socialized with, before. A woman named Aretha Wilson. -“She has my private address.”- yes, people just happen upon those…

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