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David J. Stewart: Psychiatry is evil!

David J. Stewart’s website Jesus Is is a veritable Pandora’s jar of bedlamy. There’s enough material there for hundreds of visits, so we’ll just start today with the front page.

Not surprisingly, the page is rife with fundamentalist religious imprecations:

  • “Evilution” is a hoax from the devil
  • Satan in the Vatican, and the Pope is the Vicar of Hell.
  • Catholic priests are whoremongers.
  • All Bibles but the King James 1611 version are corrupt, heretical and demonic.
  • All religions are false.

Stewart doesn’t restrict himself to religious conspiracy theories, though. There’s  a little something for everyone:

  • Wake Up America! 9/11 was an inside job.
  • The USA is a police state that wants to steal your children.
  • The CIA = Cocaine Import Agency
  • Vaccinations are killing America’s children.
  • Nuclear disaster is imminent. Mankind is destined for total destruction.
  • The New World Order is here.
  • The One World Government controls the media, and wants to take away our rights and property.
  • Abortion is the American Holocaust.
  • Terry Schiavo was murdered.
  • Homosexuals target children.
  • Harry Potter is evil.
  • Feminism is evil.
  • Public schools are evil.
  • Music is evil.
  • Government is evil.
  • Beer (of course) is evil.

Buried in amongst the technicolour text and horrific photoshop images, is a most telling entreaty:

  • Say ‘NO’ to Psychiatry!


John Lennon & Stephen King: the biggest news since Jesus Christ

Steve Lightfoot knows the truth about John Lennon: he was murdered by Stephen King, as part of a massive government cover-up.

lennon main pic1

Stephen King is a murderer. He shot John Lennon in the back, like the coward he is, and stole a musical/political genius from all of you. He ruined your world, deliberately, and now you are living in the nightmare he has created for you. Now,until you put him in jail where he belongs, all of of you are cowards too. Nixon and Reagan facilitated this nightmare murder/assassination as well as Yoko Ono (though there is little proof of her role, unlike the government codes in Time and Newsweek and U.S. News that nail King, Nixon and Reagan).

And, that’s it in a nutshell really. King killed Lennon, and we are all culpable. The proof is incontrovertible. Just check out Steve’s pages of yellowing newspaper clippings, unsigned letters, government codes, and snippets of King’s writing. If the web page whets your appetite, you can purchase Steve’s photocopied book for just 5 bucks.

You can even be a part of the cause by buying one of the vans that Steve has been living in. Some day, it will be priceless!

Someday, after my expose breaks and re-writes our history books, I will probably be the worlds biggest hero/celebrity (I to sound so grandeous)[sic] This story will take over the planet and our lives and rebuild civilization, itself. To say that this story I have been breaking for the last 24 will be part of our grandchildrens history books is an understatement. This is the biggest expose in human history and the biggest news since Jesus Christ.

Michael Jackson is Alive!!!!

This was inevitable:

Michael Jackson is Alive !!!!  The man who died June 25 looked like him, spoke like him and in fact doubled for him many times when Michael did not want to be  seen.  But it was not Michael.  Michael is alive and well and happier than ever.  The plot was 10 years in the making but it had to be done.  Michael could not go on hampered with past debt , law suits , contracts etc.  The Buisness Entity known as Michael Jackson had to die. to free Michael the artist to go on living.

Michael Jackson Sightings dot com